Welcome To Aiwa Gulf

Established in 1998, Aiwagulf has been a major player in the internet, telecommunication and Mobile 2 TV spaces.
Over the last 6 years, Aiwagulf has built up significant competency in the telecommunication sector ranging from SMS interactive games, SMS applications, MMS Content services and interactive mobile 2 TV services.
Aiwagulf was established with a particular focus on information, services and entertainment in the Gulf region.
Aiwagulf is the leading value added service provider to the Mobile Operators in the MENA region.
Aiwagulf is the largest producer and provider of localized mobile content in the region.
Aiwagulf today operates two fully interactive mobile 2 TV channels. Smile TV and Al Afasy TV.
Aiwagulf has a strength of 110 employees across the region.
Our mission is to be the provider of high value, high quality entertainment services to mobile users in the region and solutions to corporate and telecom operators worldwide.

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